About Us

VOICE OF JUSTICE is ” The First Digital Legal Portal in Pakistan which is formed to provide quality legal assistance to the clients and those persons who are looking for the legal assistance in order to get out of their any legal issues. Courts in Pakistan are now backlogged with the bundle of cases and jam-packed with lawyers and litigants. It is very difficult to choose a lawyer who would cater your needs according to your wishes and provide you quality legal output and results keeping in view of your circumstances. Voice of Justice offers an online legal portal through which you can discover verified online lawyers and seek legal advice. Voice of Justice provides you the trust and peace of mind to tackle your legal challenges. Voice of Justice provides trusted Online Lawyer's advice in Pakistan hassle-free. Our Team provides online legal advice within short possible time and evaluate the basic documents in order to give you earnest advice so that you would be able to understand the pros and cons of your legal issue. Voice of Justice has been dealing with the number of cases specifically Civil, Criminal, corporate, constitutional and family matters. There are many lawyers who are on the panel of Voice of Justice they are known as "Certified Lawyers" in the list of lawyers.